Our Story

Hello and Welcome 

We are the Jacobson brothers, Revere and Britain. 

We have a firm desire to be lights in this dark world and provide shelter and safety to those who are in need.

Chosen's Story 

A candle is a candle and while our candles are simple, they burn bright and pure. We want you to have a high-quality product that promotes good in the world. 

The sad reality is that close to 50 million people are chained in the bonds of slavery across the globe. These are men, women, and children who are lost, desolate, and broken with no hope of a future worth living. With your support we can help contribute to something bigger than ourselves. With every purchase you make that sad reality slowly yet surely becomes brighter and happier.

Our Candles 

The presence of the soft light and warm glow of a Chosen candle in your home will usher in peace and quiet. From reading quietly while listening to the gentle patter of rain outside to large family gatherings, a Chosen candle is the perfect companion. It represents calm, community, and safety. By supporting Chosen you are giving a gift of love, kindness, and compassion. 

We'd love to join hands with you!