Our Story

Hello and Welcome 

My name is Britain Jacobson, nice to meet you! 

At the end of the day I'm just a normal dude who enjoys playing Call of Duty with his brothers, playing sports, and working on about 100 different business projects. I just happen to also have a handmade candle company. 

The tough facts are, since 2017 human trafficking has increased 25% and ages range from 13-35 with the average being just 16 years old. We tout the advancements of the modern world and forget that there are others being shackled even as you read this. 

Chosen's Story

Honestly, the drive behind Chosen Candle really came from when I was 17 with way too many ideas of what to do with my life. But, during a history class that year I became excited about pursuing a career in paramilitary counterterrorism - stopping bad guys from doing bad things to innocent people. I felt that was my heart's passion. 

Fast forward to 2020, a few years out of college, and my career trajectory had changed. I was working in business management... but I still wanted to "do something". Well, I found a friend and convinced him we should try and buy a candle company for sale. That didn't work out, but we decided to start our own because we could make candles right in the kitchen! Many, many late nights later Chosen Candle was born. 

As of today, I'm still here keeping the business moving forward. I have an amazing social media manager who helps with all things aesthetic ;) and at some point I plan to outsource manufacturing. But, other than that - nothing has changed and my heart remains unchanged. 

About the Candles

They are hand-poured in Virginia using clean burning soy wax, phthalate free fragrance oils and no additives. They are simple and pure.

When our candle is lit, you know it!

I strongly believe that simple good things shouldn't be out of reach in anyone's daily life and my goal is to keep prices as low and competitive as possible. 

In the end, our candles bring home the goal we set out to accomplish: giving peace and warmth and the ability to share 10% of profits to help fight human trafficking. 

We'd love to join hands with you!

Where Chosen Started